This all started when Julian, one of my 3 sons who lives with his mom for most of the time, asked me if I he could borrow some of my CD's so he could listen to them over at his place. Because I disliked the idea of sharing my precious CD's with his mother (she's ok, no worries, its just that she manages to scratch any flat surface in no time) and burning them onto CDR looked clumsy in the age of communications I came up with the idea to build some kind of mediaserver to allow him remote access to not just a few but my entire music collection.
Initially I used a PC based solution where Julian could logon to my mediaserver and stream or download any song. For a while this worked out just fine, altough later on the fact that he had to sit down behind his PC each time he wanted to browse my collection became a limiting factor. Then all of a sudden apple launched their iPhone. This little piece of technology incorporated a true internetbrowser called Safari, a built-in mediaplayer able to play both music and video and what really drew my attention : a buildin 54G wifi connection.
So after some latenight dev sessions I came up with an iphone interface to my mediaserver. What you see here is the startup splash screen. WGA (windows genuine advantage) lovers (haters?) might recognize the green ring, it was on the webpage that told a good friend of mine that his XP was fraud :-)

The server runs on my local home network and has a static IP assigned to it. By telling my adsl router to reserve a wanport for this adress I can enjoy my music not just at home but anywhere on the the internet. Oh yeah, i called it terratunes because it sits well with my rather large music collection. Contrary to iTunes or Simplify Media it doesn't choke on 66.000 songs.
pin please
Never mind the Dutch language, once golden, work will start to make terratunes available in local languages

Terratunes security allows me to avoid nosey riaa visitors from enjoying my music collection illegally. It uses a base64 encrypted ipaddress / cookie combination to determine your identity. If you're unknown to the system it will ask you for a valid pincode without which you will not be able to listen to any music.
welcome !
Once a correct pincode is entered a list of available playlists is retrieved from the server. A quick Tour De La Ui : the green bordered top 4 buttons allow you to (1) search your collection (2) switch between playlists and what's currently playing (3) browse your play history and (4) switch between stream and remote control mode.

The bottom left and right buttons allow you to switch between the individual result panes for artists, albums, songs and playlists. The smaller ones inbetween are context sensitive buttons whos' function is determined by the selected result pane.
By fingering one of the top menu buttons they expand themselfs revealing the available options. Here I have touched the search button resulting in three options being displayed zoek naar artiesten, albums and liedjes which as you may already have guessed stands for search for artists, albums and songs. By keeping your finger onscreen and sliding down to the required option and then releasing it the wonderfull safari touch logic will activate the requested searchmode for you.
alphabet street
I selected search for artists and used the alphabet street (the OPQRS thingy) to enter GER. The alphabet street allows you to "swipe" your way from A to Z using just 1 hand. It's kinda difficult to explain on paper, ehh, screen, I will try to put something on youtube.

The first row of green buttons (123, joker etc) allows you to switch between alpha and numeric characters in the aplhabet street, enter wildcards, spaces, backspaces and initiate search. The bottom row green buttons (bevat, jaar etc) allow you to specify a searchmode (artist contains ger, begins with ger or equals ger), filter on year, genre, bitrate and duration.
one moment please
After having entered GER and pressing search an ajax message is send to the server.

Depending on how fast the connection to your server is (local 54G wifi lan or on a remote 3G connection somewhere on the beach...), the size of your collection, the quickyness of your server (mine is an asus eee) it takes upto a few seconds to get a list of all artists with GER in their name.
dust of live
Voila !! (I hear you say just 3 entries ??? me thinks you had like a zillion songs in there ??? well, these shots were taken from my development box which holds only a small amount of media)

My search for GER returned a to me yet unknown artist, by the name of Dust Of Life, probably a rapper, ah mister Waters, who hasn't grown up with his dark side of the moon and St Germain, a trully wonderfull sounding french lounge band.

Know what ? let's see what happens when I put my finger on St Germain......
Fingering the artist will bring up a list of all albums belonging to that artist, this excludes various artist (VA) albums. To list the artist's va albums press the artist va albums button.
Fingering an album will bring up the songs for that album. Notice the bottom four buttons ? the outer left and right buttons allow you to switch between the album and history panes. Pressing the artist albums button will fill the album pane with all albums belonmging to the current artist. Pressing artist songs does the same for all songs belonging to the selected artist.
Terratunes keeps track of the songs, albums and artists you listened to.

Fingering "vandaag beluisterd" lets you enjoy all songs you listened to today, "gisteren" is dutch for yesterday , "deze week" this week. Choosing "kies een periode" allows you to select a month.
Unlike the official Remote app Terratunes allows you search, browse and listen to your entire audio collection on your iPhone/Touch without once having to startup iTunes.....

By selecting "iPhone Mode" any selected song or playlist will be streamed locally to your iPhone using Terratunes buildin byterange streamer. Depending on your location and the available bandwith Terratunes adjusts the streaming quality accordingly to avoid streaming hickups when on 3G or even GRPS.
In remote control mode Terratunes allows you to search, browse and play your entire music collection on your home audio set using your iPhone or iTouch as a remote control.

For direct control purposes the terratunes itself is equipped with a small control touchscreen.
Altough Terratunes main target group is the MP3 community, it's underlying database and streaming technologies are also very suitable to process high quality content.

The latest testbuilds include support for the Free Lossless Audio Codec format allowing CD audio 1:1 backups. A buildin transcoding component allows streaming of lossless FLAC content to iPhone quicktime streams.Even over GRPS.
Proof of concept for high end reproduction scenarios : state of the art low jitter tube driven dac

For audiophile listening sessions terratunes supports usage of high quality external digital to analog convertors. Together with the FlacFlac module it allows Terratunes to reproduce high quality audio signals more then ready to be fed to any quad, krell or mark levinson.
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